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Special Care Items from CEZANNE Skin Care Lineups

Special Care Items from CEZANNE Skin Care Lineups
Want to use cleansing oil even with wet hands?
CEZANNE Clear Cleansing Oil

  It removes even full makeup or sunscreen.
No need to follow with another cleanser.

CEZANNE Clear Cleansing Oil »

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Want even more moisturizing effect?
CEZANNE Top Moisture Treatment Essence

  Thick essential gel gives high moisturizing effect but no sticky feel.
Can use partially on eyes or mouth area.

CEZANNE Top Moisture Treatment Essence »

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Want to prevent dullness?
CEZANNE Mild Plus Massage Pack

  Massage effect improves the circulation of the blood and prevent dullness.
Once or twice a week as a special skincare treatment.

CEZANNE Mild Plus Massage Pack »

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Want to provide combination skin much moisture?
CEZANNE Mild Plus Fresh Lotion

  Soak cotton sheets with the lotion and apply to skin for 3 to 5 minutes.
Best to be followed with milk or cream.

CEZANNE Mild Plus Fresh Lotion »

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