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Eyelash Essence

tip Tip type, so it is easy to spread onto the lash lines.
Special repair for damaged eyelashes.
An eyelash essence containing Widelash™.

CEZANNE Eyelash Essence


Contains WidelashTM (moisturizing ingredient):
Provides strong body, resilience, and moisture even to damaged eyelashes, giving them strength and vitality.
Fast-drying type:
As this is quick-drying, it can be used as a base for mascara before applying makeup in the morning (please apply mascara after the liquid has dried completely).
Long puff tip:
With the long tip, you can tend to multiple eyelashes at once.
Fragrance-free / Non-mineral oil / Surfactant-free / Tar-based pigment-free / Includes Widelash™*, Asian ginseng root extract, Rehmannia glutinosa root extract, horse chestnut extract (western horse chestnut seed extract), and Calendula officinalis flower extract (moisturizing ingredients)
*Peptides (biotinoyl tripeptide-1), panthenol, glycerol

<How to Use>

Please use after skincare in the morning and at night.
(1) Using the end of the tip, apply gently to the upper and lower lash lines.
(2) Turn the tip sideways and carefully apply to the entire surface of the eyelashes so as to dissolve the essence.
In addition, this can also be used on the eyebrows.