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Volume Comb Mascara

You can comb lashes from the root to the tip.
HITOE-mascara If you prefer longer lashes,
try this one!
Clear Mascara R You can add lustrous finish
with clear coat.
Volume-up effect even without mascara base!
Comb applicator for beautifully separated lashes from the roots.

CEZANNE Volume Comb Mascara


For those with thin or sparse lashes! A volumizing mascara that adds volume and thickness to each and every lash.

Ball-shaped fiber:
Its ball-shaped fibers make every single lash thicker, leaving your lashes fuller.
Unlike conventional long, thin fibers, they do not cause tangled lashes.
Comb applicator:
Its comb glides smoothly through lashes from the root.
You can apply multiple coats without sacrificing a beautiful finish.
Film type:
You can remove it with a little warm water.
You can just gently pinch your lashes and remove the mascara effortlessly.
CHAMOMILLA EXTRACT (moisturizing ingredient) contained

<How to use>

Glide the comb through the lashes from the root to the tip.

<Where to buy>

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