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Gives even those with the thickest eyelids eyelashes curled to the tips! Lengthens and curls your eyelashes and helps them stay that way.



Eyelashes with curled tips make your eyes much more attractive HITOE-mascara pushes up the roots and lengthens the tips!

Specially-designed extra-fine brush:
The extra-fine brush allows you to really get to the roots of the lashes and apply mascara as if to separate individual lashes. The just-right firmness of the brush makes it easier to curl the tips of the lashes.
Specially-designed formula containing light-weight fiber:
This mascara is formulated with light-weight fiber that prevents even the shortest and thinnest lashes from losing their curl due to heavy fiber. It never leaves you with fiber-ridden, unnaturally full eyelashes, or dry-looking eyelashes, but gives your lashes natural length.
Protects your eyelashes from damage

  • Smudge-proof, yet easy to remove with lukewarm water!
    No rubbing with makeup remover needed to get it off.
  • Formulated with hydrolyzed silk and panthenol
    Contains beauty ingredients that are often used in hair conditioning products.
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