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Toneup Eye Shadow

Easy eye shadow with three colors! Makes your eyes appear bright and big!

CEZANNE Toneup Eye Shadow

01: Beige-brown
01: Natural-brown
02: Coral-brown
02: Rose-brown
03: Mauve-pink
03: Charcoals-brown
04: Pink-brown
04: Pink-brown
03: Night navy
05: Night navy
Bright base:
The Souffle formula (*), which clears dark circles and produces bright eyes, consists of fine frosted particles
Blending skin tone:
Adopting colors that can be applied widely on oriental eyelids or eyelids with a concealed fold on which eye shadow is often hidden when the eyes are open.
Tightens color:
Develops a dark color making the use of an eye liner unnecessary. Get wider eyes by enhancing their outline!
Long tip:
Use a double-end tip with a long handle for ease of use

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