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A gentle pop of color & natural glowing finish to the skin

CEZANNE Cheek&Highlight

〈With a brush〉
01: Pink-toned
01:Natural pink
02: Coral-toned
02: Coral pink d
03: Orange-toned
03: Coral orange
・Contains cheek color and highlighter (two colors)

The cheek color gently colors the skin and the highlighter seamlessly blends into your skin tone and adds a glow to the skin. These sets will produce a natural, transparent, and glowing finish.
・Contains silk touch powder

Silky fine powders (mica) adhere well to the skin. You can enjoy the smooth texture of the product.
・With a natural voluminous horse hair brush

The easy-to-use and large-sized brush blends well with powder.
Fragrance-free/mineral oil-free/squalane·hyaluronan·ceramide (moisturizer)