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Skin Freshener

Simply wipe using cotton to remove dirt in pores, unneeded keratin, excess grease, and roughness for a clean feeling!

CEZANNE Skin Freshener

Simple and convenient:
Just wipe with cotton, creating a uniform texture to avoid skin roughness and give skin a clean feel. Does not need to be washed off.
Slightly yellow:
Contains coptis root extract (moisturizing ingredient).
Fragrance-free / Coloring-free / Slightly acid / Non-mineral oil / Contains coix seed extract, alfalfa extract, lactobacilli, fermented grape juice, and coptis root extract (moisturizing ingredients)

<How to Use>

After washing your face, put a generous amount onto cotton, and wipe away dirt and excess grease that remain on your skin. *This can also be used in place of a morning facial cleanser and for care of the elbows, knees, heels, and back.