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Ultra Cover UV Loose Powder


It leaves a beautiful finish to the foundation and is ideal to carry with you wherever you go, so you can touch up your makeup whenever you like and stay looking fresh.

CEZANNE Ultra Cover UV Loose Powder

01. Light
02. Natural

Advantages of Ultra Cover UV Loose Powder
This loose powder can be worn over not only liquid or cream foundation but also powder foundation, and covers pores, wrinkles, spots, and other skin problems, producing a semi-matte finish. As it protects your skin from the UV rays, it prevents you from inadvertently getting sunburned. This powder is also ideal to carry around with you so you have UV protection when you are out in the sun.

Long lasting:
Water-repellent powder and siliconized powder repel water and prevent makeup deterioration.
Prevents dullness:
Silicate powder produces a fresh look that doesn't dull over time.
Moisturizes the skin:
Moisturizing hyaluronic acid and strawberry geranium extract protect the skin from dryness.
SPF20・PA+/ UV absorber-free/Fragrance-free
Non-mineral oil / Non-ethanol
Contains a moisturizing ingredient

<How to use>

Place the puff over the hole in the inner lid and shake the case, taking an appropriate amount of the powder onto the puff.

<Where to buy>

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