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Glamourlush Curl Mascara

curled brush The straight-shaped brush easily lifts the lashes.
Mascara for wide-open, curly & generous eyelashes that last longer!

CEZANNE Glamourlush Curl Mascara

film type
Wide-open curl:
Contains curl-fixing ingredients. Lifts the lashes and keeps the curl for a long time!
Voluminous glossy jet-black:
Contains thick oil. Gives clump-free eyelashes and evenly increases the volume from the roots to the ends of the lashes.
Multi-proof (water, sweat, tears, sebum):
Resistant to rubbing by blinking. Hardly bleed. Contains lash-care ingredients: Zein, yuzu citron fruit extract, panthenol (all moisturizing ingredients)

<How to use>

Use the tip to lift the lashes from their roots. Overall reapplication makes the lashes more voluminous. Use cleansing product to remove.