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Airy curling mascara

curled brush It is so easy to apply to the lower lashes with the thin curl brush!
The light fibers keep your lashes soft and pointing up! The mascara, which curls the eyelashes and make them appear long, contains lash-care ingredients*
* moisturizing ingredients

CEZANNE Airy curl mascara

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Soft curls:
The light fibers keep your lashes pointing up and give you a softer curl feel than ever seen before.
Lengthening effect:
Contains 4-mm long fibers, as if your own lashes had grown longer!
Lash-care ingredients:
Contains jojoba oil, camellia oil, and sunflower seed extract (moisturizing ingredients)
Film type:
Comes off with hot water easily, despite being water-proof, sweat-proof, and sebum-proof.

<Directions for use>

Use the tip to lift the lashes from their roots. Over applying the lash ends makes the lashes look longer due to the entangled fibers.