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Get the best out of your original eyelashes! Separate and curl the lashes from the roots to the tips to create clump-free, beautifully separated lashes with a fan-like sweep.



Gives your original eyelashes a natural finish, enhancing their length. FUTAE-mascara adds more presence to your lashes by lengthening them in all directions from their roots.

Specially-designed pliant triangular brush:
The pliancy of the brush separates the lashes from the roots and pulls them into a fan-like shape. The triangular brush fits the inner and outer corners of the eyes, giving your lashes a clump-free, beautifully separated look from any angle.
Specially-designed smooth-textured mascara liquid (fiber-free):
The SMOOTH-TEXTURED liquid prevents lashes from becoming clogged together and helps them remain naturally curled. It makes your dream of giving your eyelashes a natural silkiness reminiscent of healthy hair a reality and adds extra presence to your lashes.
Protects your eyelashes from damage

  • Smudge-proof, yet easy to remove with lukewarm water!
    No rubbing with makeup remover needed to get it off.
  • Formulated with hydrolyzed silk and panthenol
    Contains beauty ingredients that are often used in hair conditioning products.
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