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UV Aqua Mousse Foundation

mousse A soft, fluffy mousse
in an easy-to-use tube.
The soft, fluffy mousse spreads smoothly over the skin for a natural finish.

CEZANNE UV Aqua Mousse Foundation

Light Ochre
Light Ochre
Natural Ochre
Natural Ochre
Healthy Ochre
Healthy Ochre
An airy mousse that is 65% water which adheres tightly to the skin without giving a greasy feeling.
Skincare benefits:
Contains serum ingredients* and keeps the skin moisturized while applied. Allergy tested*2
*2: Please note that this testing does not guarantee an absence of problems for all skin types.
Removable with face wash:
Though resistant to water, sweat and sebum, it is easy to remove with your regular face wash.
Coverage ★★★★/Finish: Semi-matte
SPF32 PA++/Fragrance-Free/Mineral Oil-Free/Petroleum-based Surfactant-Free/UV Absorber-Free/Tar Pigment-Free
* Serum ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide, Cherry Leaf Extract, Edelweiss Extract, Camellia Flower Extract, Evening Primrose Extract (all moisturizing ingredients)

<Directions for use>

Put an appropriate amount in your hand or onto a sponge and spread over the skin.
As it has an airy texture, you can create a beautiful, even finish by lightly tapping it into your skin.