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UV Essence NERI Foundation

The combined effects of a moist cream and a silky powder. Excellent covering power that even covers dryness!!

CEZANNE UV Essence NERI Foundation

Bright Ochre shade
10. Bright
Ochre shade
Natural Ochre shade
20. Natural
Ochre shade
Full coverage:
Makes wrinkles in a dry face and pores less noticeable in one application with the great coverage while providing a glossy but natural finish.
Moisturizing and skincaring effect:
Keeps the skin moisturized but with a silken surface.
Contains Hyaluronic acid, Apple extract, Yeast extract, Collagen and Amino acid system extract (moisturizing ingredients)
The 3D Fit Polymers make it easy-to-spread and fit every curve of the skin.
Its stretch effect helps withstand clumping regardless of what facial expressions you make and keeps makeup from coming off pores.
SPF26-PA++ / UV absorber-free / For all seasons
Fragrance-free / Non-mineral oil / Alcohol-free
Contains a moisturizing ingredient.
Coverage effect / Super-moist and glossy finish
UV Essence NERI Foundation is an evolver version of UV NERI Foundation R.
It is a highly functional foundation that has even more powerful covering, moisturizing and UV protection effects than its predecessor, feels light and fresh on the skin, and is highly resistant to clumping.
※Although its color looks different from that of UV NERI Foundation R as the result of the improvements in spreadability and the covering effect, it is the same color when applied to the skin.

<How to use>

Take up the foundation with a dry puff and stroke the surface, applying over the face little by little.

<Where to buy>

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