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UV Milky Foundation R

This foundation has a creamy texture but feels light when moisturizing the skin.

CEZANNE UV Milky Foundation R

Bright Ochre shade
10. Bright
Ochre shade
Bright Yellowish Ochre shade
15. Bright
Ochre shade
Natural Ochre shade
20. Natural
Ochre shade
Natural Yellowish Ochre shade
25. Natural
Ochre shade
Healthy Ochre shade
30. Healthy
Ochre shade

It spreads well, feels soft, and stays put for a long time without causing dullness or clogging.Minimizing the appearance of pores and wrinkles, it creates a natural, clearly-defined, glossy look.

O/W formula:
Moisturizes the skin yet feels light and non-greasy.
Coating powder:
Resists perspiration, preventing makeup clogging.
Moisturizing ingredients:
peach leaf extract , Aloe extract. Protects your skin from harsh living conditions that make the skin more vulnerable to dryness.
SPF17・PA++/ UV absorber-free/Fragrance-free
Non-mineral oil / Non-ethanol
Coverage effect / Moist, glossy finish

<How to use>

Take an appropriate amount onto your palm or a sponge, and spread it evenly over the face.

<Where to buy>

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