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Gokuboso Eyeliner R

Sharpener An ultra-thin brush pen type with a smooth drawing sensation.
Delicate, ultra-thin lines along the lash lines. With deep coloring for an impressive look that brings out your eyes!

CEZANNE Gokuboso Eyeliner R

Ultra-thin brush pen type:
Features a resilient tip to smoothly draw thin lines, thick lines, and winged eye corners. You can draw delicate lines by following along the lash lines.
Deep coloring:
Creates an impressive look that brings out your eyes, even with delicate lines.
Features a durable finish that is resistant to water, sweat, and tears.
Film type:
Despite its waterproof properties, it can be easily taken off with warm water, providing a simple removal experience.
Fragrance-free / Non-mineral oil / Alcohol-free / UV absorber-free / Includes raspberry extract, sodium hyaluronate, and apple fruit extract (moisturizing ingredients)
Gokuboso Eyeliner R is a step forward from Gokuboso Eyeliner N. It retains the brush pen type's ease of drawing, while further enhancing the coloring.

<How to Use>

After drawing it on so as to fill in the base of the eyelashes, slowly draw lines along the lash lines. Get clean lines by drawing them bit by bit, as opposed to drawing entire lines at once.