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Creamy Liner

Sharpener Sharpener
A Sharpener for pencil-type eyebrows and eyeliners
Makes your eyes look more beautiful. An eyeliner that contains a lot of pearl for highlighting the lower eyelid.

CEZANNE Creamy Liner

Pink White
Pink White
A lot of pearl:
Makes your pupils look teary and larger for large, dark eyes.
Pink white:
A pink tint has been added to white. It matches the skin, making it look more natural and elegant.
Clings tightly to the eyelids, maintaining that shiny, just applied finish.
Treatment (moisturizing) ingredients for eye areas:
Rosemary extract and Rosa canina fruit extract.
* With a chip convenient for shading off lines on the edges of the eyes and the lower eyelids.

<How to use>

Draw a line carefully along the edge of the eye. Drawing a line on the lower edge makes the light from the pearl reflect on your pupils, creating clear, attractive eyes.

<Where to buy>

Taiwan   Hong Kong

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