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Long Fit Liner

A fine brush that draws well A fine brush that draws well
Four Color Lame Shadow You can add glitters in any amount you like.
Cream In Shadow Creates a wet & lustrous look which you cannot achieve with powder alone.
Resists rubbing. A sebum-resistant waterproof liquid liner with staying power.

CEZANNE Long Fit Liner

Thick Brown
Thick Brown
Resists oil-based sebum and rubbing:
With great adhesion to the skin, it resists oil-based sebum and rubbing while maintaining the line.
Adheres well to resist perspiration, water and tears.
Dipping type with a fine brush:
The amount of liquid can be adjusted, while the long handle prevents hand movement.

<How to use>

Using the mouth of the container, adjust the amount of the liquid contained in the brush tip, then draw a line along the edge of the eye.

<Where to buy>

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