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Color Control Concealer

Color control concealer that controls redness on the cheeks or nose you are concerned about.

CEZANNE Color Control Concealer

Soft beige
Covers the redness of the face:
Light-scattering powder and the opaque green color control the redness of the face you are concerned about, giving you clear skin.
Not sticky:
Applies well even when applied on foundation, and has a smooth and silky feel.
Contains moisturizing ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid Na (hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid), collagen (hydrolyzed collagen), aloe barbadensis leaf extract and lipidure (polyquaternium-61, BG and glycerin)
Fragrance free / no mineral oils / tar based pigment free / alcohol free / UV absorbing chemicals free

<How to Use>

After preparing your skin with foundation, take a small amount and apply it to red areas. *Please note that the concealer is soft so do not squeeze out too much.