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Stretch Concealer

Stretch type! CEZANNE Stretch Concealer adheres beautifully to your skin. No matter how much you laugh, this liquid concealer will not easily twist!

CEZANNE Stretch Concealer

01. Light
02. Natural
Does not easily twist:
adheres tightly to your skin in concert with your facial expression and movement. Good spreadability formulation, which prevents the product from getting twisted and wrinkled.
High covering effects:
covers skin problems such as deep crow's feet, nasolabial folds, and pores.
water-, sweat-, and sebum-resistant formulation. Its high covering effects will continue.
Antisunburn property:
SPF28/PA+++. Prevents the formation of flecks and freckles caused by sunburn.
SPF28/PA+++/ultraviolet absorber-free/fragrance-free/mineral oil-free/contains moisturizer (plantago major seed extract/marronnier seed extract)

<How to Use>

Directly apply the product on the concerned area with the tip, and blend it by patting it with your finger.