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Cheek Stick

Easy-to-use stick type applicator! Long-lasting, shiny, light cheek

CEZANNE Cheek Stick

01: Pink-toned
Peach pink
02: Coral
03: Rose
Long-lasting, shiny, light cheek cream that firmly contours to the skin
・ "Long-lasting" formula

A cream that contours firmly to the skin. Getting dry on the skin, it remains in place and keeps rosy color.
・Smooth applying sensation

Contains Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide, and beauty moisturizing oil (moisturizing ingredients). Can be applied smoothly on the cheeks and dries easily!
・Shiny & healthy color

High reflective oil & "clear-keeping" powder will ensure a fresh shine & rosy color.
Fragrance free/alcohol free/ultraviolet absorber free