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Face Control Color

Produces a different impression with one brush.

CEZANNE Face Control Color

2.Pearl White
2.Pearl White
4.Matte Brown
4.Matte Brown
5.Pearl pink
5.Pearl pink
[For Highlighting]
A highlighting powder that adds dimension and glowing sheen to the face!
1. White [matte]
The matte type sharply highlights facial contours.
2. Pearl White
The pearl type gives a subtle glow for a touch of glamour.
5. Pearl pink
The pearl type adds natural luster to your skin. You can also use it to create a cheek gradation.

[For shading]
4. Matte Brown
The color is not too dense so it matches any skin tone.  Highlights facial contours, adding dimension.

<How to use the highlight color>
Apply it to the raised areas of the face such as the T-zone (from above the eyebrows to the bridge of the nose), C-zone (under the eyes), and chin.

<How to use the shading color>
* For a more effective finish, apply to different areas depending on the shape of your face. *
Round face
Make shadows on the sides of the face to make round cheeks look sharp.
Narrow face
Make shadows on the forehead and chin for oval faces.
Square face
Make shadows on the chin and both sides of the face to make it look round.

<Where to buy>

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