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Blend Cheek Powder

A useful, obliquely cut brush A useful, obliquely cut brush
A two-color set of Matte & Pearl. Can be used together or alone.

CEZANNE Blend Cheek Powder

01.Pink shade
Pink shade
02.Orange shade
Orange shade
03.Coral shade
Coral shade
is Pearl type
Matte & Pearl:
Matches every skin tone through the combination of two colors and textures.
Obliquely cut brush:
A large brush that can deliver a lot of powder. Obliquely cut, its ideal for the cheeks.
Fragrance-free / Non-mineral oil

<How to add dimension>

1. Take the matte color onto the brush and spread it over the cheeks.
2. Add the pearl color to the areas of the cheeks treated with the matte color, as well as the T-zone, under the eyes, the peaks of the eyebrows, and the chin.

<Where to buy>

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