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Make Retouch Base

Can apply it over makeup. Smooth touch base without making skin glossy

CEZANNE Make Retouch Base

Removes sebum. Goodbye to glossy skin:
The moment you apply, the product absorbs sebum quickly, giving a smooth and matte finish. No unnatural white skin. No sticky feeling.
Makes pores less conspicuous:
Three different sizes of powder particles with a soft focus effect make pores less conspicuous, giving a beautiful and silky finish as if using face powder. Menthol and peppermint water (algefacient) give tightness.
Less smear:
Quick-absorption gel adheres closely and evenly to your skin. A smear-free formulation even when applying it as a finish to base makeup or over makeup.

<How to Use>

Apply it to the glossy areas you are concerned about with a brush or your finger gently.